While AI is already established and present in a variety of applications - including HR information systems, spreadsheet software, learning platforms, as well as search engines and social media apps - recent developments have made hugely powerful AI technology accessible and readily available. People professionals need to lean into the technology and support their people in adopting and using these tools to ensure responsible and ethical use.

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Preparing your organisation for
AI use

Guidance on how to prepare a user policy on generative AI for your workplace and how this technology can be used to support HR functions

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Other resources on AI and technology

AI in the workplace: what’s ethical?

Explore the benefits of using AI in the workplace and the ethical and governance issues

Is your organisation ready for the ChatGPT of things?

Episode 195: At the crest of change, explore how business leaders and people professionals should prepare their organisations to maximise the opportunities presented by ChatGPT and artificial intelligence technologies

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Thought leadership
Impact of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots on the future of work

Hayfa Mohdzaini, the CIPD’s senior research adviser on data, technology and AI, investigates the potential implications of widely accessible conversational and generative AI

Responsible investment in technology

Practical advice on adopting technology to optimise job quality and business outcomes

CIPD Viewpoint
Automation, AI and technology

Explore the CIPD’s point of view on automation, AI and technology, including recommendations for employers

Technology and the future of work

How artificial intelligence (AI), robots and automation are shaping the world of work, the ethical considerations and the role of people professionals.

Thought leadership on AI use

Thought leadership
Generative AI and the mediocre worker

Jon Boys discusses the benefits of generative AI tools, and how organisations can utilise them

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Thought leadership
Using AI responsibly in people management

What use of artificial intelligence is ‘acceptable’ in people management and how can this be done responsibly?

Thought leadership
Bringing on the brain bots – a missed opportunity for HR?

Should HR be more involved in introducing or implementing intelligent automation?

Thought leadership
Shaping artificial intelligence for your future business needs

Hetan Shah of the British Academy discusses the opportunities and challenges that leaders should consider

Bitesize research on AI

Our reviews of the latest research and practice insight on AI for CIPD members

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Co-existence of workers and artificial intelligence

How can AI-enabled solutions be implemented to work effectively alongside employees?

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Can AI-assisted HR ecosystems improve employee engagement?

A look at how AI-assisted HR ecosystems can support the employee-employer relationship and improve retention rates and recruitment practices

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Bitesize research
Can AI feedback improve employee performance?

Exploring the impact of AI feedback and whether it’s a passing trend or here to stay

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Bitesize research
Can AI change the future of HR?

What does the use of Artificial Intelligence in HR really mean for the profession?

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