We believe work can, and should, benefit everyone. Individuals and organisations. Economies and societies. And we’re taking down the barriers to better work through the expertise and talents of our community of people professionals.

Our purpose, our vision, our impact

"When you put people first, everyone stands to gain."

Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth, Chair of the Board, CIPD

Championing better work and working lives

This has been our purpose since we were founded, in 1913, by a group of people responsible for the wellbeing of factory workers. We stay true to our purpose because we know organisations thrive when we put people first. And because thriving, responsible organisations lead to stronger economies and societies. 

People’s experiences of work differ. Not everyone can access good work. And we recognise the need, within our own community, to create a more inclusive people profession by eliminating barriers to entry and progression. 

A world where work creates value for everyone

Where workplaces are inclusive and fair. Where the barriers to work are removed. Where people can improve their skills, raise their confidence and reach their potential. 

Our community makes this vision possible. Our members and partners – experts in people, work and change – are uniquely placed to improve working lives. Together we will bring about better work for everyone.

"I get to witness students having lightbulb moments during careers conversations and watching their eyes light up with enthusiasm!"

Sarah Driver, HR consultant and careers coach, and CIPD Enterprise Adviser

The voice, the standard and the partner for our profession 

We call for better work through constant dialogue with governments, our partners and our community. We forge relationships with employers and experts to progress our good work agenda. We influence policy and practice. We share research, guidance and thought leadership. 

Our Profession Map is the international standard for people professionals. It strengthens our community’s credibility and impact, evolving as new roles, specialisms, priorities and opportunities emerge. The standards it defines are linked to clear career pathways and embedded in our qualifications, giving people professionals confidence as they build their expertise. 

Employers work with us to strengthen the capability and credibility of their people teams. Our community steps up to make a difference for those who need it most. Businesses, charities and other professional bodies partner with us to share research and good practice. Together we influence national and local governments and campaign for better work and working lives. 

"HR continues to play a key role in developing organisations, with our most important assets – our people – at the forefront. It is fundamental for me to have a trusted source of knowledge and current thinking so I can best support all my stakeholders."

Siobhan Wright, Chief People Officer, Trust Payments

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We’ve been building our community of people professionals for over 100 years. Our expertise, and our members’ insights, set us apart.

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