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How we help improve your people in your organisation

Organisational success begins with people – and that means your people function has a pivotal role to play in your organisation’s future.

We’ll partner with you to professionalise your people function. We’ll help you to develop the capability, impact and credibility of your teams so that they can drive sustainable change. And we’ll work with you to set new standards for the years ahead.

So if you want to spark change, partner with us.

People Development Partners

How to become a People Development Partner (PDP)

We have set up PDP status to recognise our clients’ commitment to continuously invest and build the capability, credibility and impact of their people function.

By establishing the standards for and recognising excellence in the profession gives us an opportunity to continually signpost clients to the best of CIPD. Also, to deliver on our purpose of championing better work and working lives. 

Case studies
Network Rail

Network Rail owns, operates and develops the UK’s rail infrastructure – that’s 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and many thousands of signals and level crossings. The company has a 40,000 strong workforce, and since 2016 they have been working with the CIPD to further strengthen their people function of 400–500 professionals.

Case studies
Case study: Building HR capability at Tesco

Harriet Buckley, People Capability Manager, Tesco

Case studies
Natwest Group

NatWest Group are the first Financial Services organisation to become a CIPD People Development Partner (PDP). Learn how our partnership has worked as a collaborative and invaluable force for change within their HR Teams.

Become a People Development Partner

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Learning for teams

How we can help specialise your people team?

We work with organisations to champion better work and working lives. This is done by setting HR standards globally and building capability to lead the people profession into the future. By becoming a partner with us, we can provide you with the direction and resource you need to specialise your people teams. This will provide the tools to your organisation so that it can thrive. 
We believe; 

  • Work can and should be a force for good. Good for people, for business, for economies and society. 
  • We partner with organisations to create systems of good work that delivers enhanced business outcomes. 
  • Our approach involves empowering organisations to build the best HR and L&D teams to deliver their people strategies.

Experience assessment for teams

Experience assessment for teams

Experience Assessment for teams is carried out by our Assessment Services team. The assessment sits at the diagnose stage of our approach to partnering. We help organisations assess where their current capability is.  

Benefits of Experience Assessment for teams include; 

  • Designed to support the development of people professionals.
  • Bespoke and designed to meet the specific organisation needs.
  • Benchmark teams against the industry standards for people professionals.

Qualifications for teams

Globally recognised qualifications

Our qualifications have been developed with our world-leading Profession Map which distils the insights of over 20,000 experts. CIPD qualifications offer the opportunity for employees in your organisation to apply and evidence practical strategies and behaviours to tackle real-life workplace challenges – and create a workplace to be proud of. 

Benefits of our qualifications for your organisation include; 

  • Building the best practices of the people profession in your organisation. 
  • Qualifications which have designed for the real world of work.
  • A range of globally recognised qualifications which ensure a relevant, practical learning for anyone, at any stage of their career.

Membership for teams

Membership benefits for your team

Becoming a CIPD Chartered Member is a significant career milestone. It brings the designation Chartered MCIPD with access to one of the biggest online depository of HR and L&D resources. There is also support from a community of over 160,000 members. 

Your investment demonstrates that your team;

  • Has met rigorous standards for good practice.
  • Adheres to our code of professional conduct and continues its professional development
  • Is committed to delivering a quality service that supports your organisation’s strategy and people

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership resources about organisations

Discover our thought leadership resources about organisations. Keep up to date with evidence-based perspectives on the world of work.

Thought leadership
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Will the leadership lessons learnt help with new challenges?

Thought leadership
Beyond diversity training: What works in making workplaces more inclusive?

A landmark study reviews successful interventions for reducing discrimination at work

A woman working from home with her back to camera
Thought leadership
Prioritising wellbeing in an ‘always on’ digital age

Out-of-hours ICT use can lead to ‘always on’ working and be a serious barrier to wellbeing. What can employers do to help?

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