Organisation design and development can play a vital role in enabling growth, longevity and relevancy within a business. At the CIPD, our Profession Map. provides clear insights into the key knowledge areas of understanding organisational culture and change.

Our thought pieces, guides and fact sheets will also provide you with the knowledge and insights into organisation development and development. Listen to our podcasts to discover the emerging trends in organisation design and development.


Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

Five Factsheets about Organisational development and design
Job design
Explores the purpose and evolution of job design, its role in creating good work, and assessing job quality.
Organisation development
Explores what organisation development is and how it's carried out in today’s organisations
SWOT analysis
Learn about the SWOT framework, the process of a SWOT analysis, and its advantages and disadvantages
PESTLE analysis
Discover what PESTLE means, how it influences your organisation, plus a downloadable template
Organisation design
Explores what organisation design is and how it can be done effectively in today’s organisations


Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

Four Reports about Organisational development and design
Effective cross-functional collaboration in a changing world of work
Our report explores how people professionals are partnering across business functions to future-proof their organisations
People Profession 2030: a collective view of future trends
Drawing on collaborative research, our report explores the key trends influencing the future of work and how they will shape the people profession
Transformational change: theory and practice
A look at how transformational change themes apply in practice, with case studies providing practical examples
HR: Getting smart about agile working
Explore the potential benefits to organisations and employees of organisational agility through survey research and case study illustrations

Case studies

Learn from real world examples of how other people professionals and organisations work with the CIPD to approach key challenges and objectives.

Six Case studies about Organisational development and design
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: NatWest Group
A case study of an HR function shifting from an Ulrich+ model towards an employee experience-driven model
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Tesco
A case study of a people function shifting to a four-pillar model to deliver a more consistent employee experience throughout the organisation
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Homebase
A case study on moving to a lean, strategic HR model that operates more efficiently to support business objectives
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Peabody
A case study on developing strategic partners, aligning teams, increasing data analytics skill, and transitioning the L&D team into an internal academy
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Firstsource
A case study on maturing the HR model to align to the changing needs of the business, building capability, and introducing a dedicated team focused on employee engagement
Case study
A day in the life of an OD&D specialist
A day in the life of Garin Rouch, Director Leadership and Organisation Development at Outstand Consultancy

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

Nine Thought leadership about Organisational development and design
Thought leadership
How are organisations transforming their HR operating models?
We look at the main focus areas and share practical examples from organisations who are optimising their HR operating model
Thought leadership
HR operating models
Our series on current practices, future models and successful transformations
Thought leadership
Do current HR operating models serve future needs?
We look at what’s driving change in HR structures, what emerging models look like and what to consider when evolving your current model
Thought leadership
The future of work: Insights for senior leaders on drivers of change
Our article series explores key trends shaping our future workplaces and working lives
Thought leadership
Achieving international global integration: The crucial role of ‘globalising actors’
This thought piece argues that OD practitioners in multinationals must harness the skills of globalising actors to ensure successful international integration
Thought leadership
The role of power in organisation development
What is the impact of OD on corporate cages and chains, asks Mark Cole, Leadership Development Programme Manager, NHS London Leadership Academy
Thought leadership
Building a career within organisation development
Paul Taylor-Pitt and Karen Dumain share the steps the NHS community is taking to shape a career path for OD that is fit for the future.
Thought leadership
What can we learn from corporate longevity?
What common attributes underpin the success of the most enduring companies from around the world? We examine four of those, as well as a worker co-op, to find out
Thought leadership
Peter Drucker: The social and human value of work
Decisions about people should be a top priority so why is this advice so often ignored?


Listen to episodes from our podcast series on a range of topical workplace, HR and L&D issues.

Seven Podcasts about Organisational development and design
Is a transactional attitude to work problematic?
Work for many has become simply a means of income. If this means disengagement with the employer’s purpose or values, then what?
Is your organisation ready for the ChatGPT of things?
Episode 195: At the crest of change, explore how business leaders and people professionals should prepare their organisations to maximise the opportunities presented by ChatGPT and artificial intelligence technologies
Embracing and leading organisational change
Episode 173: How can people professionals best implement and manage change to help their organisations keep up in an ever-changing world?
Building back better post-pandemic
Episode 158: We explore the ways organisations can be designed to enable flexibility in the face of a crisis, how organisations can and should respond to the coronavirus outbreak and how best to support your workforce through this difficult period.
Handling organisation development effectively
Episode 157: Explore the challenges and future of organisation development (OD) and learn how you can best deal with OD tasks as a non-OD specialist
Adopting agility: is it for everyone?
This podcast looks at what it means for an organisation to be ‘agile’ in today’s business world
A new dawn for OD
Episode 138: We take a look at the questionable truths surrounding OD and the growing role of HR in OD practice

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

Two Bitesize research about Organisational development and design
Bitesize research
Are organisations making the most of MOOCs?
Explore the potential for new online learning
For Members
Bitesize research
Organisational change – give it space to happen
Understand the effects of resourcing on change


We offer a range of evidence-based courses tailored to suit you and your needs.
Our Essential Insights courses are free as part of the CIPD membership.

Basics of Organisation Design and Development

Created and delivered by CIPD and leading OD&D experts, this course looks at whole systems thinking. From whole-organisation level to individual teams, you’ll explore the different levels at which organisation design takes place. You’ll create an action plan, including ways to transition to the new design and optimise it, and the change and stakeholder management required for it to be successful.

Leading Organisation Design and Development Accredited Programme

This Accredited Programme explores the nine standards within the Organisation Design and Development specialist area of the CIPD Profession Map. Divided into eight modules, the programme incorporates the evolution and impact of OD&D, the consultancy cycle, assessing diagnostic tools and design structures, and creating conditions for ‘good work’. Every module has a practical focus, so learners are able to develop and demonstrate market-leading capability and deliver organisational impact.

Organisation Development

Discover the fundamentals of Organisation Development, contextualise your challenges and explore a range of Organisation Development approaches to strengthen your practice.

Meaningful work and Organisational Leadership Essential Insights

Develop a practical understanding of the principles of meaningful work and why it is now an important topic for organisational leaders and HR professionals. This Essential Insights course will provide you with an introduction to how organisation design and development (OD&D) can contribute to creating meaningful work.

Organisation Design

Build your skills in organisation design by deepening your expertise in navigating challenges brought about by a rapid change in systems or environment (e.g., advancing technologies, turbulent times). This tailored digital course is a blend of virtual classroom and self-directed learning.

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