Good and fair work matters to all of us – wherever we are and whatever we do. It demands consistency from government legislation and from industry’s response across the UK.

Our team in Scotland harnesses the expertise of our professional community and our partners. We share our views on UK-wide public policy and respond to the Scottish government’s approach to employment policy and legislation. And we develop our research to provide insight into the labour market and working lives of people in Scotland.

What we’re working on

Our public policy priorities in Scotland include fair work and job quality, education and skills, productivity and people management. We collaborate to give policy-makers and employers the evidence and guidance they need to tackle these big issues.

The CIPD’s Scottish manifesto, Fairer workplaces for a fairer Scotland, seeks to positively influence the Scottish government’s agenda in four areas of public policy: the future of work, skills for tomorrow, wellbeing after COVID-19, and supporting inclusive workplaces. And, in partnership with the Fair Work Convention, we’ve created resources to help employers design fair work and benefit from improved wellbeing, performance and productivity.

How we’re making progress

We influence public policy in Scotland in many ways. Through discussion with key stakeholders in government, business and public life. By responding to consultations. And by sharing our expert view in the media. 

We can make the biggest difference when our policy recommendations are shaped by local partners and relevant to local needs. We do this by harnessing the insights of our professional community. And we host networking and learning events to share evidence and good practice. 

Fairer workplaces for a fairer Scotland

The CIPD’s 2021 Scottish election manifesto

Working Lives Scotland

Dedicated analysis of job quality and its impact on working lives in Scotland


Putting people professionals on the road to net zero

Insight from senior leaders on how they have led responsibly and maintained trust and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Gaps and opportunities: employer views on skills policy in Scotland

Our survey report considers the challenges of Scotland’s skills and labour shortages, as well as the skills development system more broadly, and how employers and policy-makers can bridge the identified gaps

Understanding older workers in Scotland

Analysis and recommendations to support longer and more fulfilling working lives

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How you can
get involved

Help us champion better work by joining our Scottish public policy forum or our UK public policy forum.

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Who we’re working with in Scotland

Apt - Disability Employment Gap PSP

This Public Social Partnership, established by the Scottish government, has responsibility for developing, testing and implementing solutions to the barriers employers face in hiring and retaining disabled people. Our overall ambition is to at least halve the disability employment gap by 2038.

Fair Work Convention Strategic Partnership

Working to ensure fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for all individuals, businesses, organisations and society across Scotland. Together we’re delivering improved practice by successfully embedding the dimensions of fair work within Scotland’s workplaces.

Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE)

The Scottish Government's initiative dedicated to helping individuals and employers with the advice and support they need when faced with redundancy. We support PACE through our network of people professionals in organisations of all sizes across the public, private and third sectors.

Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB)

An independent, industry-led body which ensures apprenticeships are demand-led, fit for purpose and future-orientated. SAAB is made up of leading employers and industry bodies across a range of sectors.

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