Good work matters to all of us – wherever we are and whatever we do. It demands consistency from government legislation and from industry’s response across the UK.

Our team in Northern Ireland harnesses the expertise of our professional community and our partners. We share our views on UK-wide public policy and respond to the Northern Ireland Executive’s approach to employment policy and legislation. And we develop our research to provide insight into the labour market and working lives of people in Northern Ireland.

What we’re working on

Our public policy priorities in Northern Ireland include fair work and job quality, education and skills, productivity and people management. We collaborate to give policy-makers and employers the evidence and guidance they need to tackle these big issues.

The CIPD’s Northern Ireland manifesto, Better work and working lives for Northern Ireland, sets out our recommendations for improving job quality, for flexible and responsive skills development, and for establishing a modern and inclusive labour market.

How we’re making progress

We influence public policy in Northern Ireland in many ways. Through discussion with key stakeholders in government, business and public life. By responding to consultations. And by sharing our expert view in the media.

We can make the biggest difference when our policy recommendations are shaped by local partners and relevant to local needs. We do this by harnessing the insights of our professional community. And we host networking and learning events to share evidence and good practice. 

Working Lives Northern Ireland

Dedicated analysis of job quality and its impact on working lives in Northern Ireland

Better work and working lives for Northern Ireland

The CIPD’s 2022 NI Assembly election manifesto


How you can
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Help us champion better work by joining our Northern Ireland public policy forum or our UK public policy forum.

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Who we’re working with in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Skills Council

Established by the Department for the Economy, the Northern Ireland Skills Council brings policymakers, business leaders, trade unions and educators together to provide advice and support on Northern Ireland’s Skills Strategy.

Belfast Business Promise 

Belfast Business Promise is a new accreditation for employers working to improve Belfast. Working together to make Belfast a better city involves providing good jobs, whilst also supporting a sustainable local economy and building a healthier city for everyone. The pledge aims to create a community of organisations committed to improving how they do business together.

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