People data and analytics can help organisations and solve business issues and improve the decision making process. At the CIPD, our view is that people analytics forms a fundamental element of evidence-based HR.

Explore our resources for further information on people data capture, measurement and analysis, benchmarking and reporting, and the importance of evidence-based practice.


Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

Two Factsheets about People analytics
People analytics
Understand what people analytics is, different types of HR data, and the importance of people analytics strategy and process
Workforce reporting
Learn about defining, measuring and reporting human capital, and how HR can use human capital information to drive performance
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Designed for practitioners, our guides provide recommendations and advice on how to apply good practice in the workplace.

One Guide about People analytics
People analytics: Guide for people professionals
Learn the basics and improve your confidence and capability when using data
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Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

Nine Reports about People analytics
The case for disability workforce reporting
The importance of disability worforce reporting created in partnership with the Business Disability Forum
Effective workforce reporting: Improving people data for business leaders
An analysis of how people matters are currently reported and used by boards, including top tips and case studies for HR leaders on how to use metrics to influence organisational strategy
How do companies report on their ‘most important asset’?
An analysis of workforce reporting in the FTSE 100 and how this can be improved to build more productive, responsible and sustainable businesses
Investor perspectives: people data and reporting
Exploring the evidence for how different types of investors use people data when making investment decisionsExploring the evidence for how different types of investors use people data when making investment decisions
People analytics: International perspectives on people data
Find out how people data is used to drive business performance across MENA, SE Asia, US and UK and Ireland
Hidden figures: the missing data from corporate reports
A study of people risk and workforce reporting by UK FTSE 100 organisations
People analytics: driving business performance with people data
A global survey of multiple professional perspectives on people data and people analytics
Human capital analytics and reporting
Discovering academic evidence of this emerging people management practice
Talent analytics and big data – the challenge for HR
Discover why talent analytics and big data are now must-have capabilities in HR

Case studies

Learn from real world examples of how other people professionals and organisations work with the CIPD to approach key challenges and objectives.

Eight Case studies about People analytics
Case study
A day in the life of a people analytics specialist
A day in the life of Adam Fox-Everitt, Reward Analyst specialising in people analytics
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: case studies
From ensuring fair pay and inclusion to improving wellbeing and retention, people professionals can use people analytics to tackle business challenges
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: Financial Times
Understanding engagement to improve productivity
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: Vivid
VIVID: Leading with data to improve workforce wellbeing
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: Novartis
Evolving a new approach to performance management
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: Barnwood
Case study on ensuring fair pay and encouraging staff to take time off
Case study
Solving business problems with people analytics: University of Warwick
Using people data to tackle pay gaps and drive inclusive change
Case study
Valuing your talent: London Councils
London Councils is a lobbying organisation working across political parties to promote the interests of London’s 32 borough councils and deliver services on behalf of the public. One of the ways London Councils provides support is through a professional HR Metrics and Workforce Planning network which helps London boroughs report on, explore and share people data to improve performance.

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

Four Thought leadership about People analytics
Thought leadership
Technology and data use in HR functions
Perspectives on what activities fall within HR and how technology and data are used in them (or not)
Thought leadership
HR software investment a part of changing business priorities
Business focuses are shifting towards the longer term and investment in software will be key
Thought leadership
Data and the people profession: is the drive for people analytics at risk of stalling?
Advanced data analysis provides insight, guides decision-making and supports business performance, but demand for this capability is not being met. How can people professionals rise to the challenge?
Thought leadership
Valuing your talent: Thought pieces
Discover expert opinion of how HR analytics and the reporting of human capital is changing the world of work


Webinar recordings providing expert guidance

One Webinar about People analytics
Using evidence in HR decision-making: 10 lessons from the COVID-19 crisis
Watch a video and download the slides from our webinar with Rob Briner and David D'Souza discussing what the current crisis can teach HR about becoming more evidence-based

Evidence reviews

Evidence reviews enable you to ask the critical questions and use evidence for better decision-making.

One Evidence review about People analytics
Evidence review
People performance: an evidence review
Our research explores individual and team performance, how it can be measured, and which models can be used to evaluate it
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Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

Nine Bitesize research about People analytics
Bitesize research
Relational analytics in HR practice
A look at how relational analytics enables better designed HR practices
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Bitesize research
Exploring the craft of storytelling in the HR profession
A look at how storytelling allows HR analysts to craft and sell their stories to different organisational stakeholders, including senior management and people managers
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Bitesize research
Using employee data: The need for meaningful consent
Digital monitoring and using co-determination to gain meaningful consent under GDPR
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Bitesize research
How are HR using their people data?
Approaches to people data within HR functions
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Bitesize research
Can data drive racial equity?
Tackling embedded and structural forms of racism within organisations
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Bitesize research
Automating HR analytics
Explore the potential of HR analytics
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Bitesize research
Making analytics count
Discover the benefits of human analytics
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Bitesize research
Human capital resources: seizing opportunities
Find out the latest debates on human capital resources
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Bitesize research
Human capital analytics – on the right road?
Find out more about the implementation of HCA
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CIPD Viewpoints

Our collected point of view on the key issues impacting work, from the perspective of employers and policy makers.

One CIPD Viewpoint about People analytics
CIPD Viewpoint
People analytics
Explore the CIPD’s point of view on people analytics, including recommendations for employers


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People Analytics Accredited Programme

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Data Analytics for People Professionals Essential Insights

Discover how data and analytics can be used to support informed and effective business decisions.

Data and Analytics for People Professionals

Discover how to effectively use data and analytics to inform decisions and measure the impact of your work.

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