Core behaviours represent a significant shift for people professionals. With a greater focus on ethical and evidence-based decision-making, they empower you to create value for people, organisations, society and our profession.

Certain ways of thinking and acting should be universal and consistent, even in new and challenging situations. These are the behaviours it takes to be an effective people professional, identified through academic research and feedback from across the profession.

The core behaviour areas

Ethical practice

Building trust by role-modelling ethical behaviour, and applying principles and values consistently in decision-making.

Professional courage and influence

Showing courage to speak up and skilfully influencing others to gain buy in

Valuing people

Working and collaborating across boundaries, effectively and inclusively, to achieve positive outcomes.

Working inclusively

Working and collaborating across boundaries, effectively and inclusively, to achieve positive outcomes.

Commercial drive

Using a commercial mindset, demonstrating drive and enabling change to create value.

Passion for learning

Demonstrating curiosity and making the most of opportunities to learn, improve and innovate.

Insights focused

Asking questions and evaluating evidence and ideas, to create insight and understand the whole.

Situational decision-making

Making effective and pragmatic decisions or choices based on the specific situation or context.

The Profession Map

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