As people professionals we value what people bring to organisations, and an integral part of our role is to bring the people perspective to business decisions.

We put people at the centre of our approach – balancing consideration, compassion and fairness, and supporting others to do the same. We also have a key role in building a sense of shared purpose, and to give people a meaningful voice on matters that affect their working lives.

As we advise and coach managers and leaders – and enable them to build their own people management capability – we’ll work to encourage a culture of trust, people development and wellbeing, to enable everyone to be their best at work.

NIE Network case study: Power to
the people

How a framework for listening and responding to every voice has given the change-weary employees of NIE Network their spark back.

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Valuing people standards

Each standard progresses through four levels of impact. Which level do you most embody in your day-to-day work?

Foundation level Associate level Chartered Member level Chartered Fellow level
Purposeful work Understand the purpose of your work Build a sense of team spirit and purpose Communicate the meaning and purpose of work to motivate and inspire people Inspire others through a compelling people vision which shares the broad meaning and purpose of work
Humanity Empathise with others Treat people fairly and considerately in your work Demonstrate compassion, humanity and fairness in your approach Model compassion, humanity and fairness as a leader
Developing others Support others to develop and be their best Enable others to develop skills and capabilities to be their best at work Enable managers and leaders to support others to be their best at work Promote and encourage career-long learning to build organisation capability and benefit society
Supporting managers Advise colleagues and line managers Coach and advise others in the business Coach, advise and build people management capability in the organisation Create a culture of accountability for people management in the organisation
Enabling voice Ask a range of people for their opinion and listen carefully to responses Enable people to have a voice when designing and delivering solutions which impact them Enable people to have a meaningful voice by involving them in decisions that impact them, and bring a people perspective to organisation decision-making Strive to create an organisation culture that gives people a voice and puts them at the centre
Promoting wellbeing Consider the wellbeing of others Take into account the wellbeing of others in the design and delivery of your work Promote the business and people benefits of wellbeing and the need for shared responsibility Engage leaders and stakeholders in creating and sustaining a culture of wellbeing

Tools and resources to help you develop

Assess your level, choose
your learning

Use our self-assessment tool to assess yourself against any area of the Profession Map. We’ll recommend relevant learning and resources to help you create your own professional development pathway. 

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The Profession Map

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