Commitment to ongoing development is a core element of professionalism, so this behaviour focuses on how we enable our own – and others’ – continuing professional development.

It’s important that people professionals take a wide perspective of their learning. From being curious about the wider world of work and connecting to others in our profession, to asking for feedback on our day-to-day approach – we should all be reflecting on our learning and considering what this means for the way we work.

This learning mindset also helps us to seek opportunities to test new ways of doing things, to continuously innovate and improve our work, as well as contribute to the development of others.

In our fast-changing world, a passion for learning is non-negotiable. Whilst learning and curiosity is a natural inclination for children, it’s something that can wane in adulthood. However, if we neglect our commitment to learning we choose stagnation. A passion to learn ensures we stay at the forefront of knowledge and practice, enables us to leverage opportunities, drive innovation and achieve fulfilment and purpose."

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development Content, CIPD

Passion for learning standards

Each standard progresses through four levels of impact. Which level do you most embody in your day-to-day work?

Foundation level Associate level Chartered Member level Chartered Fellow level
At this level you will: At this level you will: At this level you will: At this level you will:
The wider people profession Remain inquisitive about issues and developments in the people profession and the wider world of work Keep up-to-date with external trends and developments and consider how they will impact on your work Connect with internal and external peers regularly to benchmark, share good practice and anticipate future trends to inform future priorities and practice Connect with a network of leaders to share leading practice, understand external influences and anticipate future trends to shape the people agenda
New approaches Be open to trying new ideas or approaches to improve and learn Seek opportunities to test new ways of doing things to make improvements Pursue opportunities to test insight, develop new approaches and innovate Foster a culture that encourages learning through the development and testing of new and innovative approaches
CPD Demonstrate a proactive approach to developing your professional knowledge, skills and experience Demonstrate a proactive approach to developing your professional knowledge, skills and experience Enable own and others' continuous professional development using a range of methods Demonstrate a strong commitment to the development of people professionals and the wider people profession
Learning from feedback Seek feedback and use it to learn and develop Regularly ask for and act on feedback to learn and develop Reflect on experience, seek feedback and apply your learning Visibly role-model your own continuous professional development and promote a learning culture
Self- awareness Seek to understand yourself better Demonstrate awareness of your own strengths and development areas, and the limits of your expertise Seek to have a deep understanding of yourself and your impact on others, and of the limits of your own expertise Coach and mentor others to have a deep understanding of themselves and their impact on others

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This course explains the importance of passion for learning. It will help you to develop this key behaviour to achieve positive outcomes in your role.

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