Watch our webinar as we explore how to work smarter on building the skills organisations and their people need.

Our panel of experts include:

  • Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning Development and Design, CIPD
  • Laura Overton, Independent learning analyst

L&D professionals have more tools and technologies available to them than ever before. No wonder 53% have reported an increase in workload in the latest CIPD Learning at Work report. At the same time our organisations need us more than ever as they prioritise the skills agenda to stay ahead of the curve. 

So what do we need to do to work smarter, not harder to make an impact on what matters most to our business? The Learning at Work report provides some pointers but now is the time to turn that data into insight and insight into action.

From rethinking learning design for the modern workplace, delivering more with less and how to make an impact, join us for an interactive session as we explore these issues together.


Working smarter on the skills agenda

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