Menstruation is a natural part of life, so why is it proving a barrier to career progression and wellbeing for so many women? New CIPD research shows that, while more than half of respondents said theyve had to miss work because of menstruation symptoms, almost half didn’t tell their manager the real reason for their absence out of embarrassment or fear that their experiences will be trivialised. 

Employees want support from their organisations, but only around one in ten organisations are providing it. And a key step to addressing this issue starts with normalising the conversation around menstrual health.  

This webinar explores what you can do as an employer to develop menstruation and menstrual health support and help to improve wellbeing for a sizeable proportion of your employees. 

  • Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor – Employee Relations, CIPD
  • Sophie Richards, The Endo Spectrum
  • Sharon Lord, Health and Wellbeing Lead at Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

Chaired by Claire McCartney, Senior Policy Advisor – Resourcing and Inclusion, CIPD. 

Menstrual health is a workplace issue

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