Technology is a powerful force in shaping the modern workplace and in supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Indeed, EDI is critical to business success, with one survey claiming that 98% of HR leaders believe that EDI is important to overall business strategy.   

Using technology responsibly can help dismantle barriers to work and support the unique needs of individuals. It facilitates fairer outcomes as well as equality of outcomes.   

This guide examines how technology can be used to make workplaces more equitable, diverse and inclusive. It outlines the benefits and risks of using technology and guiding principles to equip you with knowledge to advocate for EDI practices.  

As these technologies become more sophisticated and embedded, people professionals must make sure their use isn’t just ethical and compliant with regulations, but that it also helps achieve their organisations’ EDI goals. 

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Using technology responsibly to
manage people

Our guides on how people professionals can lead on the responsible use of technology within organisations

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