When a person’s skills are well matched to their role, there are benefits for the individual and the organisation. Skills mismatches occur when someone either has the skills to cope with more demanding duties or lacks some of the key skills required to perform their job effectively. Potential problems caused by skills mismatches include lower job satisfaction, lower confidence, higher stress, doubts about trust between staff and managers and lower productivity.

In 2020, the CIPD reported "45% of UK employees feel their skills are not fully utilised in their current roles, resulting in disengagement and suboptimal business outcomes". Furthermore, the Learning at Work 2023 report emphasised that addressing the skills gap was the top priority for learning and development professionals.

To tackle this problem, it is essential to place a greater emphasis on the effective use and development of skills. Properly deployed skills can lead to improved job satisfaction, increased productivity, and a stronger competitive edge for businesses. 

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