Research shows that resilience is linked not just to people’s wellbeing and ability to deal with stress, but improves their creativity and engagement with work. Resilience helps employees adapt, cope, and respond positively to stressors in the workplace.

All team members benefit from high-quality relationships between people manager and employee, and this helps to build resilience. As a manager, there are a number of other behaviours that are also important, including how you set goals, celebrate success, coach your team, help create a supportive environment and ensure that people know what to expect. 

There is also a range of other factors that are linked to resilience – such as employees’ confidence, optimism, sense of coherence and level of social support – and the key role you can play in creating the conditions that support employees with these.

Building on the people manager behaviour framework, this guide offers practical advice on how to achieve resilience in the workplace. 

What is resilience?

What are the manager behaviours that can impact resilience?

How can you create the conditions that support resilience?

Incorporating resilience support into your role as people manager

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