This guide provides information on effectively managing an employee with a long-term health condition or illness. Employers should foster a compassionate culture and empower people to take steps to proactively manage their health. Everyone has a role to play in helping employees with long-term health conditions look after and get support for their health so they can thrive at work, free from discrimination: 

  • Employees need to prioritise self-care and self-management to manage their symptoms and sustain their health and work. 
  • Work groups and colleagues can provide valuable practical and emotional support. 
  • Managers can help employees access the work adjustments and support that they need to manage their health and work effectively. 
  • Organisations with compassionate and flexible management policies can help to accommodate individual needs. 

What is a long-term health condition?

Why we need to support employees with long-term health conditions

Shared responsibility for supporting employees with long-term health conditions

Guiding principles to support employees with long-term health conditions

Interventions, rehabilitation and support pathways

Implications for policies and practices


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