Anticipating evolving trends, and recognising future challenges and opportunities is essential to success in today’s fast-moving business environments.

The CIPD, with supporting partner Indeed, invites experts from contrasting disciplines to share their insight on key trends influencing the future of work. Each article will explore a different topic in depth, challenge thinking and provide thought leadership on how these trends will shape the future of work and working lives. 

The first article in our series discusses the importance of futures and foresight in strategic thinking and how to successfully scenario plan for the future.

Our second article looks at sustainable buildings and how future-proofing your workspaces will not only make them climate resilient, but will also create healthier, more productive environments.

Our third article examines the business opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and how leaders can make AI work in their organisations.

Our fourth article uses an Asia-Pacific case study to discuss the opportunities for workforce diversity and how to remove barriers.

Our fifth article outlines potential drivers to shape how and why people work in the future, and what these would mean for work-life balance and employee empowerment.

Read the latest article in our series below.

Optimising your operating models for
the future

Natalie Sheils, Chief People Officer at Mosaic Group, explores ways to strengthen your operating models to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape

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Sustainable buildings: rethinking workplaces for a healthier future

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Horizon-scanning: How to plan for alternative business futures

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