The war in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on many lives with repercussions felt around the world. Whether their workers or their families are directly affected, employers will want to help their people as best they can during this troubling time. These collated resources are here to support employers and people professionals in this task. For further guidance, refer also to the CIPD guide on Supporting your workforce through a crisis event.

In many cases, it will be important to seek independent advice as appropriate before taking action.

From the CIPD

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Supporting your workforce in a crisis event

Key considerations and resources to help you support your people in exceptional times

Supporting your people through times of crisis

Watch our video and explore how people professionals can best support their people through the crisis

Thought leadership
Ukraine: Leadership lessons for a crisis

What we learned through COVID-19 can support us in current times

CIPD Community

How can
HR help?

The CIPD Member Community has an open-access thread for employers and people professionals to ask questions and share practices on what they can do in the Ukraine crisis

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Toolkit for people professionals

toolkit including news and information, as well as templates and guidance for people professionals is now available from HR-inform.

Additional resources

People Management has asked experts what business leaders and people practitioners need to consider as they look to support those affected.

HR for Ukraine is a collection of crowdsourced resources from the HR community to help support the people of Ukraine.

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