The cost of studying a CIPD qualification  

Qualification fees vary depending on your chosen study centre. That's because fees are set by the study centres not the CIPD. Talk to your preferred study centre about costs as early as possible.  

On average a CIPD qualification costs:  

  • Foundation Certificate in People Practice: £1300 - £2300
  • Associate Diploma: £1600 - £3600
  • Advanced Diploma: £3000 - £7000 

The cost of the qualification isn’t the only thing you should consider when deciding who to study with. A slightly more expensive qualification might provide more student support and resources. Talk to the study centres you're considering to find out what level of support and resources are available to help with your study.  

REMEMBER: Some employers will fully or partially sponsor your CIPD qualification. If your employer is sponsoring you, make sure you inform your study centre. They'll need to contact the right person/organisation for payment. 

Help with CIPD qualification costs 

We know that deciding to do a CIPD qualification can be a big financial commitment. Here are some options that may help reduce the amount you have to pay.  

  • Grants and Bursaries. Study centres sometimes offer their own grants and bursaries. It's worth checking with the centres you're considering to see if they offer them, and what the criteria are, to see if you can apply.  
  • CIPD Trust Bursary Fund. We're able to offer student bursaries to those who need it most and are looking to get into or progress within the profession by completing a CIPD qualification. These bursaries are offered on a first come first served basis. If you’re interested, you’ll need to connect with your study centre who will advise on the application process.. You can find out more by visiting the CIPD Trust website.
  • Advanced Learner Loan. If you’re looking for a way to afford your qualification, the UK Government offers learner loans for all or part of your study fees. Find out if your eligible for a learner loan here.


International Students. Please note that not all the information above applies if you’re not from the UK. Some UK colleges and universities do offer limited financial aid for international students. Your best option is to contact the study centre directly for more information. 

TIP: Don’t forget to ask your study centre if you can pay in instalments to ease the financial burden.  

University programmes 

For information on university programme costs refer to the university you’re looking to study with. They’ll also be able to make you aware of any options available to help fund your qualification. Use the CIPD's Centre Finder to find which universities offer these programmes.  

Membership fees 

When studying a CIPD qualification your work will be moderated by the CIPD. To do this, you will need to be in active membership throughout your studies.  

When joining or re-joining membership, you pay a one-off joining/re-joining fee and an annual membership fee. Our membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June each year. The cost of membership will vary depending on when you join during the membership year. You’ll need to renew your membership every year on 1st July, when the new membership year begins. Find our current membership fees here. 

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