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Guided learning hours (GLH)

Guided learning hours, or GLH, is the time spent by a learner being taught or instructed under the direct supervision of a lecturer, supervisor, or tutor. This can either be online or face-to-face and can include class time, tutorials, live online sessions, and structured online learning.

Total qualification time (TQT)

Total qualification time, or TQT, is the total number of hours it is estimated that an average learner will take to complete a qualification. It includes GLH as well as independent study time, reading and preparation for scheduled sessions and assessment which is not undertaken under the supervision of a lecturer, supervisor or tutor.

Credit Values

Each qualification has been assigned credit. Credit is calculated by dividing TQT hours by 10. For example, if the TQT for a qualification is 240 hours, the credit value for that qualification is 240 divided by ten which equals 24 credits.

Foundation Qualification

Associate Qualifications

Advanced Qualifications

CIPD Qualifications offered by Approved Study Centres – fees document 2023/24

Qualification Fees 2023-24
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