Pregnancy and baby loss can be a very difficult time for people and affects a significant number of people in the workforce, yet tends to be a hidden issue in the workplace. This means that many people deal with it in silence.

At a time of grief, employer support is particularly valuable, including giving people the time and space they need without worrying about their job. This webinar explores how employers can respond inclusively to support people throughout all stages of pregnancy and baby loss.

Hear from our panel of experts on the positive impact that compassionate support, such as managing absence and leave flexibly and having empathetic and understanding line managers, can have on employee mental health and wellbeing. It also has potential benefits for employers, in terms of staff loyalty and retention. Kerry Allison, people policy manager at the Co-op, will share reflections on the difference that this approach has made in her organisation.

Our panel of experts include:

  • David D'Souza, Director of Membership, CIPD
  • Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Adviser – Employee Relations, CIPD
  • Helen Hicks, Colleague Experience Manager, Co-op
  • Vicki Robinson, Deputy Director, Miscarriage Association
  • Rosie Leverton, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Tommy’s

Chaired by Jill Miller, Senior Policy Adviser, CIPD

Trigger warning: Supporting employees through pregnancy or baby loss – Advice for employers

David D'Souza, CIPD Director of Membership, introduces to the webinar

CIPD webinar: Supporting employees through pregnancy or baby loss

Download the slides from the webinar
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