CIPD employees from a diverse set of backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions have joined the group over the last few years, including allies who are crucial in driving organisational transformation and change. They invest their time and expertise to champion the work of the LGBT+ group and further develop the group's impact. 

If you would like to join and support our work around LGBT+ equality and inclusion and explore ways of creating belonging at work, please email the group at

Our purpose and aims

Our purpose is to champion equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of LGBT+ people at work – within our own organisation and amongst the membership of the CIPD.

We're here to:

  • meet up regularly to debate and promote good practice around LGBT+ diversity and inclusion
  • provide a social space for CIPD employees to discuss issues and concerns about being open about sexual orientation
  • identify and communicate best practice around tackling discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • raise our voice as a champion for LGBT+ inclusion through presence and representation at external events
  • provide CIPD with a named contact for staff that request information, advice and guidance on LGBT+ related issues 
  • partner with other organisations to learn what good practice looks like and support CIPD members in promoting LGBT+ inclusion in their own workplaces.

We’re grateful to be enabled and empowered by a full network of people who are passionate about LGBT+ equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as keen to explore intersectionalities and support the wider EDI agenda.

The network benefits from input from our Inclusion and Diversity internal experts and is championed by our senior management team.

Together we’re influencing and driving the LGBT+ inclusion and diversity agenda at the CIPD.

We want the CIPD to:

  1. have a strong and informed voice on LGBT+ workplace issues – where our internal and external engagement positions us as a place to go to for advice around I&D and LGBT+ inclusion
  2. provide a social network and support for LGBT+ people and allies – including staff, volunteers and members
  3. ensure CIPD policies, practices and culture are one of the most inclusive towards LGBT+ people – where we can say, without a doubt and with practical evidence, that we’re one of the most inclusive organisations for LGBT+ people and we’re recognised externally for our good practice.

Join us on our journey to transform the people profession into diversity champions, changing hearts and minds and shifting organisations to create true inclusion and a sense of belonging for everyone!

Sexual orientation, gender identity and
gender reassignment

Explore the CIPD’s point of view on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender reassignment, including actions for government and recommendations for employers.

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