Behind every thriving organisation is a team of experts in people, work and change. At the CIPD, we’re here to support people professionals with evidence-based guidance to help you drive positive change in the workplace. In the past month alone we’ve published three new guides and a range of other resources to help you remain relevant and effective in your role.   

Three new guides to help people professionals make their greatest impact

Supporting employees with a terminal illness

When someone receives a terminal illness diagnosis, employers must be ready to provide compassionate, flexible and practical support.  Our new guidance will help you create  supportive culture and people management framework to help your employees in this most difficult of circumstances.  

How does technology support your EDI strategy?

Technology is a powerful force in shaping the modern workplace and can help support your equality, inclusion and diversity strategy – but it also carries risks for your people and your organisation. Our sixth and final guide in our responsible use of technology series explains why it’s important to be transparent about how and why you’re using technology to monitor and promote EDI and to consult with employees to identify unforeseen risks and gain their buy-in.  

Supporting your workforce through a crisis

In volatile times, being prepared can help employers make the right decisions and take quick action when crisis events like natural disasters, war or pandemics strike. Our new guide outlines the key issues to consider and collates our resources for your reference. 

Podcasts: what makes the ideal people professional? And what role should line managers play? 

In our first podcast of the year, we explored what it takes to be a people professional in today’s dynamic business environment As the role becomes increasingly multi-faceted, are there particular skills or qualities that can make someone tailor-fit for the job From authenticity to influence, CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese and an expert panel discuss what it means to champion people but still deliver on organisational objectives – all the while tackling challenging tasks and difficult demands.  

And what about line managers? What role do they play in supporting people professionals? Last year our podcast guests debated whether or not we’re expecting too much of line managers and our recently updated factsheet outlines their main roles and responsibilities. 

Four-day working week: 50 years of research in one bitesize chunk 

Every month, our experts review all the latest academic research and distil the most relevant ones into digestable insights for our members. This month, we examined the long body of research on the four-day work week. The pandemic sparked renewed interest in a four-day work week, but it’s not a new concept. So what does five decades of experimentation tell us about the impacts of a shorter work week?  How have practices varied over the last 50 years? What do employees find attractive, or acceptable, and how does it affect diversity and performance? 


Latest insights from the CIPD community  

This month we celebrated 20 years of the CIPD online CommunityOur popular and trusted discussion forums provide a safe, friendly space for conversations about the world of work ranging from challenging situations to trending, topical workplace issues. Our members ask questions and get answers quickly whilst being supported with ideas, guidance and advice from peers and CIPD experts. 

In the past month, members have been sharing advice and insights on a range of topics including:

Growing our reach, growing
our impact

Our annual report for the year ending 30 June 2023 summarises the work we’re doing to share good practice across our profession, increase our impact, and equip our growing community to champion better work and working lives.  

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