Experience Assessment is a fast-track non-study route to CIPD membership for members of your team. 

It doesn’t require sitting an exam or studying for a qualification. Instead, people professionals use their real-world experience to showcase how they meet the membership criteria.  

Recognise and reward the experience that exists in your team 

Experience Assessment is a great way for employers to recognise the impact that people professionals within their making;

  • It will benchmark individual experience against the international standards for the people profession.
  • The Experience Assessment process will provide your team with opportunities to reflect on their achievements.
  • On successful completion of Experience Assessment your team members’ experience will be rewarded with either CIPD Associate Membership, Chartered Fellowship or Chartered Membership, a professional HR accreditation that is recognised and respected globally.
  • This is the ultimate demonstration of credibility and excellence for your people team, both internally and externally. 

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