Our branches across the UK and regional networks across Ireland are run by committees of CIPD members. With the guidance of our Branch Development team, each committee creates a programme of activities and prepares an annual business plan, aligned to the CIPD’s purpose and strategic priorities.  

Any CIPD member can volunteer to support their local branch. Our committees need a range of skills including leadership, project and event management, team building, communicating, using new systems or business planning.

You can choose from a number of different roles, though you may find there's a waiting list in your area.

Our committee roles

Different roles in our branch committees allow volunteers to give the time and talents they can. You can choose a role that makes use of your current skills or gives you the scope to develop new ones. Each branch holds an annual meeting to elect their new committee. Take a look at the profiles for each role.

Branch Committee Member

Contributing to branch strategy and operations

Branch leadership roles

Leadership roles required by our constitution

Branch Chair

Providing overall leadership to your branch aligning to CIPD strategy 

Branch Vice-Chair

Partnering and supporting the Branch Chair 

Branch Secretary

Ensuring the branch’s activities are in line with CIPD policies and procedures

Branch Treasurer

Championing good financial management in line with CIPD policy and procedures

Accountability roles

Committee members with a specific area of responsibility

Communications Lead

Creating digital communications including your newsletter and social media posts

Membership Engagement Lead

Engaging and educating local and potential members on CIPD membership and associated benefits 

Mentoring Engagement Lead

Managing and promoting the member-to-member mentoring programme and coordinating mentee/mentor relationships

Programme of Activities Lead

Coordinating the design and delivery of your annual programme of engagement activities

Public Policy Lead

Keeping up to date with policy developments and engaging members in public policy discussions

Special Interest Group Lead

Leading an areas of special interest, corordinating all related activities, events, and communications

Student Engagement Lead

Engaging students and creating long-term relationships with CIPD education providers, schools, colleges, and universities

I enjoy making sure our portfolio of events and activities supports our members, whether they are in the most strategic of roles, somewhere on the ladder or taking their first steps into the profession. Plus, I never leave a branch meeting or one of our events without something new to think about or try.

Karen Sanders, Branch committee member, Northamptonshire branch

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