“Although most employees are trustworthy and honest, it’s often said that ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’. Today’s economic climate has shaken many people and, without the right controls in place, this could lead to an increase in fraudulent or dishonest behaviour.”  

Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Adviser - Employee Relations, CIPD

Although most employees are trustworthy and honest, a range of factors can put organisations at risk of fraudulent and dishonest behaviour. To combat this, the CIPD has partnered with CIFAS, the UK’s leading Fraud Prevention Service, to publish guidance to help people professionals mitigate and manage the risks.

Factors that can put an organisation at greater risk of employee fraud include: a lack of internal controls, a blame culture and lack of reporting structure. The new guide gives people professionals the tools they need to understand different types of fraudulent behaviour and the variables that can lead someone to act unethically. It also offers advice on how to collaborate with risk and compliance departments to strengthen their organisation’s anti-fraud cultures.  

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