The CIPD has launched a new report – Putting people professionals on the road to net zero – which examines the importance of a net zero economy.  

Governments and organisations are slowly starting to take meaningful steps to reduce dependences on fossils fuels.

The report offers practical tips to help the people profession navigate the road to net zero.

Key report findings include:

  • The net zero transition will impact all sectors of the economy and all areas of public policy.
  • Scotland is well placed to lead on the net zero agenda as it has a large volume of low-carbon energy capacity and a strong supply of skilled workers. But there are barriers that will need overcome to fully unlock the benefits of a green economy.
  • People in a transforming labour market are an essential part of the transition to net zero. People professionals will need to be at the heart of the transition.
  • Transition to net zero presents both challenges and opportunities for HR.
  • Organisational change, workforce planning and skills development are the areas that people professionals should focus on to drive forward the transition to net zero.
  • For policy-makers and practitioners, the net zero transition offers an opportunity to improve working lives across the UK.

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