Our charitable purpose, as prescribed by our Charter and Byelaws, is to promote the art and science of the management and development of people for the public benefit. For us, our members and our wider community, this means championing better work and working lives for all.  

Discover how our structure, leadership and governance arrangements help us work responsibly, as a charity and an organisation.

Our structure 

The CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is incorporated by a Royal Charter and is a registered charity in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Operating globally, we comply with local legislation, follow appropriate codes and learn from good practice in other sectors. Good governance is the cornerstone of our organisation. 

The CIPD has four subsidiaries: 

  • CIPD Enterprises Ltd, a wholly owned trading company, which is registered in England and Wales. Its board of directors include Tony Osude, Louise Fisher and Angela Attah. 
  • CIPD Middle East FZ LLZ, which is wholly owned by CIPD Enterprises Ltd and registered in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Its board of directors include Tony Osude, Jenny Gowans and Angela Attah. 
  • CIPD Asia Ltd, which is a not-for-profit wholly owned subsidiary, limited by guarantee and registered in Singapore. Its board of directors include Tony Osude, Belina Lim and Angela Attah. 
  • CIPD Ireland's board of directors include Alison Hodgson, Joyce Rigby Jones and Angela Attah. 

All our subsidiaries offer professional recognition and membership. They provide training and support for our members. They uphold and implement our Code of Professional Conduct. And they work with local governments, employers and partners to make the case for better work. 

Our charitable activities include education, research and support for our members. The CIPD Trust extends this impact to individuals and communities. It harnesses the knowledge, expertise and talents of our community to support more people to improve their skills, raise their confidence and reach their potential. 

Through our commercial activities we work directly with employers to provide specific training programmes, advisory services and events. We carry out these activities in support of our charitable purpose – to champion better work and working lives – and we invest surplus funds in our charitable activities. 

Our leadership and governance

Our Royal Charter and charity status empowers us to champion better work and working lives. This privilege comes with clear responsibilities for our leadership and governance.

Meet the team who uphold our purpose Meet the team who keep our work on track Read our Charter and Regulations and discover how they govern our approach

"The people profession should be at the forefront of shaping the business response to environmental, social and governance goals."

Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith, CBE, President of the CIPD

Our commitments as a responsible business

We invest in the changes that we advocate to others. And we go beyond legal compliance to develop and share sustainable practice. We do it because it’s right – work should and can be a force for good – and because it delivers the right results for our members, our people and our business.

We share our commitments through our annual reports, policies, business principles and statements. 

Our annual report

Growing our reach, growing our impact

CIPD gender and ethnicity pay gap reports

Creating a fairer and more inclusive workplace at the CIPD

Our commitment to sustainability

What we’re doing to become more sustainable and have a greater positive impact on individuals, organisations, communities and wider society.

Modern slavery statement

We will not work with any business or organisation which is involved in modern slavery

Shaping responsible organisations

Good governance is the cornerstone of every well-run organisation

As a profession we take a central role in shaping responsible organisations. Explore the guidance we share with organisations and our community of people professionals. 


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