Andy Winks - Head of HR

Andy Wink

Name: About Andy

CIPD membership: Associate

Current job title: Head of HR

Current employer: Imperial War Museum

Location: London

Employment status: Employed

Previous role: Project Manager/Business Manager for the British Army

Why did you decide to move into your current role/field?

I was qualified and interested in Human Resource Management and using my experience gained in NHS general practice, found an opportunity to concentrate on and lead a small HR team in the museum sector. The role is as an HR generalist (including payroll) looking after a museum team of over 500 people spread over 3 locations.

What transferable skills did you identify would be useful in your new role?

Organised and able to communicate at all levels. Good work ethic and able to lead a team to deliver results. I understand intent and can work autonomously with little supervision to achieve what is required. Good analytic skills and able to devise pragmatic solutions that will be easy to apply. My CIPD qualification proved to be the benchmark that the employer was looking for and this helped with my selection.

How has the CIPD and continual personal and professional development (CPD) supported you during and after your career transition?

As already stated, my CIPD qualification is the bench mark for roles in the HR field and keeping myself current in my chosen profession has certainly helped; I am currently working towards a Chartered upgrade and now I am networking with other CIPD members. I am broadening my HR generalist knowledge and can see how different organisations utilise the HR profession.

If you had your time again, would you do anything differently? If yes, what would you do differently?

I would expand my network wider and be more proactive in doing so; utilise LinkedIn and attend some of the ex-military events such as ‘liquid list’ etc. Access the CIPD website more often – it is an excellent source of information!

What are your top 5 tips for someone working in the Forces and wants to move into an HR or L&D role?

  1. Start your resettlement as early as possible; utilise what is on offer. Use enhanced learning credits to 'polish' your personal profile. CIPD is definitely the benchmark qualification that you should be looking for if you want to pursue a career in HR.
  2. Talk to people in your chosen profession - ask for advice or even better, ask for a work placement - go take a look.
  3. Be yourself; but understand that the new colleagues you will work with may have never served in the military; they are every bit as professional as you and will be interested in what you have done - but guard against being over confident ... take the light touch!
  4. Do your homework; learn about the organisation you want to work for and like you did in the military; prepare accordingly.
  5. You definitely have the skills that an employer is looking for; you have bags of enthusiasm and have a great work ethic. You are organised, are great at time keeping; you are a self- starter who is comfortable working on your own or equally, you pull your weight as part of a team. You can communicate at all levels and work to deadlines however.... 'Civvystreet' doesn't owe you anything, don't think that just because you have served in the military that a company/organisation is just going to offer you a job! All businesses today are looking to hire the very best staff and you need to show them at interview that you are the one they want.... Good luck!

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