Diagram of CIPD five stage model for organisations , stage 2, Diagnose

Get a new perspective on your people team’s performance

Using our Profession Map as a benchmark for best practice, we’ll help you to shine a spotlight on where your HR, L&D or OD team can make a greater impact.

Falling within the diagnose stage of our 5-stage model, we’ll use a range of methods, delivered either face to face or virtually, to assess your people team’s strengths and identify areas of development.

We’ll also gather perceptions of your team from across your organisation, building up a clear picture of their capabilities.

Whatever your needs, we’ll tailor our approach to suit you – and give you the data to make the right decisions.

Our capability assessments are the first step in equipping your teams with the skills and confidence to help your organisation thrive.

In a world where one size clearly no longer fits all this insight is invaluable. It allows you to tailor your investment and ensure your People Team is having the most impact.

David Blackburn Chartered CCIPD CCMI, former Chief People Officer, FSCS

We have a range of options to help you assess your team’s current capabilities, including:  

People Impact Tool 

Get an overview of your people team’s performance.

The CIPD’s People Impact Tool is a straightforward, efficient 360 survey of your people team. 

The People Impact Tool provides insight into how your people function is actually doing – from the team themselves and from the people they work with most across the organisation.

It gives you an in-depth analysis of your team’s strengths, areas for development, their impact on the business and readiness for future challenges.

We recommend the People Impact Tool if you’re looking for a high-level perspective on how your team’s really performing.

HR Diagnostic Tool (HRDT)

Assess individuals at scale and identify areas of improvement.

The HR Diagnostic Tool is an online 360 assessment, measuring each of your team against the CIPD Profession Map standards. 

Each individual provides self-ratings, and is also rated by a selection of others, such as their line manager, direct reports, customers and peers. 

Everyone who is assessed will receive a feedback report with their results, and we will also provide you with aggregated data for your People Team as a whole, so that you have a complete picture of the team’s capability.

The Tool is particularly suitable for organisations who want to assess at scale and works well across regions and countries.

Face-to-face assessments

Deep dive into the development needs of a select group.

CIPD’s face-to-face assessments provide an in-depth assessment of an individual’s capability against selected standards from the CIPD Profession Map. 

They are led by senior CIPD consultants, who will carry out competency-based assessment conversations, designed and tailored for each individual role. 

These assessments are particularly suitable for smaller groups of people in your organisation – groups that will benefit from an in-depth assessment of their capability.

Qualitative data really helps to tell our story. What’s more, the tool helped to confirm our strengths and that our plans for development are on the right track.

Emma Browes Chartered MCIPD, Business Change Lead, Leeds City Council