If you are a member or a third party enquiring about one of our members, the CIPD may be able to provide you with a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS). This service is provided on a discretionary basis and we may refuse any request. However, providing the Member’s consent has been gained, we can normally provide a CGS.

What information can the CIPD provide?

A full CGS can include confirmation of the following information, but please be aware that the CIPD will require specific consent from the member to provide anything more than basic membership details:

  • The individual is in membership.

  • The individual’s membership level.

  • The individual was previously in membership.

  • The date membership commenced (and ended, if appropriate).

  • If there have been any periods where the individual’s membership has lapsed.

  • CIPD qualifications that have been successfully completed.

  • If the individual is currently subject to sanctions imposed by a Conduct Hearing Panel due to a breach(es) of the CIPD Code of Conduct and Ethics.

What information will the CIPD not provide?

We will not provide the following information:

  • A Certificate of Good Standing or any information requiring specific consent regarding a member, unless the member has requested the information be sent to a third party (normally a prospective employer) or the CIPD is satisfied that the person or organisation requesting the information has obtained consent for this. If a third party requests the information/certificate we will ask the third party to inform the member they need to contact the CIPD to give consent for this information to be released to the third party.

  • Whether a member is subject to an ongoing Code of Conduct and Ethics investigation or has been referred to a Code of Conduct and Ethics hearing.

  • Whether a member has previously been subject to sanctions imposed by a Conduct Hearing Panel due to a breach(es) of the CIPD Code of Conduct and Ethics, if those sanctions have been spent.

Who do I contact for a Certificate of Good Standing?

Please contact the Membership Enquiries Team (ME Team) at membershipenquiry@cipd.co.uk or 020 8612 6208.

The ME Team will usually be able to deal with your request. In some instances, it may be necessary to contact the Code of Conduct team and if so, the ME Team will direct you to do so. If you have any queries or concerns regarding a Code of Conduct issue you can contact the team at codeofconduct@cipd.co.uk.

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