Examines how SME organisations can retain people’s identification with their founding purpose and values over time and promote the desired culture. Employees’ sense of purpose and the set of values steer and guide the culture of the organisation.

Our report, Keeping culture, purpose and values at the heart of your SME, highlights the key role of culture to business success. This report provides practical ideas, hints and tips for smaller businesses about how to retain what you’re all about over time. It draws on the practical experience of 16 case study organisations and consultants who work with SMEs.

The case study organisations are: Arolite, Caljan Rite-Hite, Choccywoccydoodah, DUO, EducationCity, Healthspan, IMarEST (The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology), Julia’s House, MJF Cleaning, Naked Wines, NP Group, Romax Technology, Secret Escapes, UKFast, Watford Community Housing Trust and Youthscape.

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