Job evaluation and market pricing help you gather internal and external data on roles in your organisation and equivalent jobs in other employers or sectors. Effective interpretation of this data is key to ensuring pay is both fair and competitive. Job evaluation and market pricing exercises need reviewing regularly to make sure they continue to meet changes to jobs, work and business needs.

This factsheet introduces the fundamentals of job evaluation and market pricing. It provides guidance on choosing the right type of job evaluation scheme (analytical or non-analytical) and gives examples of the sorts of factors often assessed. It suggests issues for organisations to consider when implementing their chosen job evaluation scheme. It also outlines the different approaches to market pricing and offers information on the various sources of pay data. 

This factsheet was last updated by Charles Cotton: Senior Performance and Reward Adviser, CIPD

Charles directs CIPD’s research agenda and public policy on performance and reward. He speaks for CIPD at government consultations on topics such as, pensions, retirement, CEO remuneration, low pay and employee tax.  

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