This factsheet explains what British and International standards in HR are and why they matter. It introduces the British and International HR standards already published or under development and outlines the CIPD involvement in their development.

Whether or not organisations have a dedicated HR team, they will at some point need guidance on ethical and effective human resource management practice in areas such as workforce planning, recruitment, inclusion and diversity, learning and development, and human capital reporting. British and International standards provide such guidance. International experts develop them, in collaboration with key stakeholders. These standards advocate responsible people management practices and support the organisations that adopt them to improve their organisational resilience and sustainability.

This factsheet was last updated by Heather Bond: Standards Adviser, CIPD

Heather represents the CIPD as an expert on the British and International Standards Committees that develop human capital and human resource management standards. She is the independent Chair of the BSI’s International Human Resource Management Committee and leads the delegation of UK experts responsible for UK input to the work of ISO Technical Committee 260 Human Resource Management.  

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