The CIPD is curating a virtual Hackathon, allowing professionals in HR, OD, Learning & Development and Recruitment to share thoughts and ideas that will shape the future of their profession and the future of work. Individuals can sign up online, share insights and ideas, and network with peers and colleagues all over the world.

The people profession has a unique role to play in ensuring the future of work is good for people, as well as business, and for society. The Hackathon will share learnings for all of us and help the CIPD to support people professionals to fulfil that role now, and for the future. 

Through previous research, the CIPD has identified eight key trends that will influence the future of work including technology, diversity, globalisation, individualism, quality of education and social responsibility. The Hackathon will provide the platform for people professionals to debate these trends, and how influential they may be. The insights from the Hackathon will be further shared and tested with panels of experts, before being shared at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2020 in November. 

Peter Cheese, CIPD CEO, comments:

"This is a great opportunity to position our profession more than ever at the heart of business, to play our role in shaping the future of work, and to be led by a strong and positive purpose. The Hackathon is an important part of our People Profession 2030 research. During a time of unprecedented uncertainty for employees and employers alike, it is crucial for our profession to share insights and solutions to effectively adapt. Regardless of seniority, area of specialism or location: the Hackathon presents a great opportunity for all HR, OD, L & D and Recruitment professionals to engage and participate in helping to shape the future of work and of the profession, as well as an opportunity for learning from colleagues everywhere."

Spread across eight days, the Hackathon programme will be split into two areas of focus: from 10-13 August, the future of work and from 17-10 August, the future of the people profession. 

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