Commenting on the impact of the England vs Italy Euros final on Sunday on work, David D’Souza, membership director of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said: 

"Sunday is set to be a huge night for football fans. Given the enormity of the event, we’re expecting some sore heads on Monday which can have a knock-on effect on work. For those who are expecting to go all out in their celebrations they should probably book time off on Monday, regardless of the result.

“Businesses should be clear on their expectations of staff, but also recognise that many will see Sunday’s game as one of the biggest sporting moments of their life. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see ‘business as usual’ across Sunday night and into Monday. Given the year we’ve all had, employers should recognise these exceptional circumstances and the morale boost it’s bringing to so many. They should think about how they can enjoy this moment as a business and be a little more flexible on their usual rules where they can.

“For example, for people who have to work during the match, they might allow staff to have access to a screen so they don’t miss out while carrying out their duties.

“Looking ahead to Monday, employers may want to offer flexible working solutions such as later start times or early finishes. These should be open to everyone, not just football fans, to be inclusive. Any changes in hours will also need to be clearly communicated to customers.

“It’s possible that businesses may see a spike in absence on Monday. Again, for those who expect to be a little worse for wear, we would suggest booking the day off to avoid any abuses of sickness policy. If businesses do suspect abuse of the system, we would suggest that they reiterate the policy and what consequences may be if it is repeatedly tested.

“The knock-on effects of this kind of event highlight that flexibility isn’t always open to all. Some of those currently working from home may easily benefit from a lie in, or a change in working hours on Monday, whereas those that work on-site or in a customer facing environment will have far fewer options. That’s why it’s important that businesses explore all kinds of flexibility for staff, looking at when and how they work, not just where.”

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