The CIPD has today launched a new and fully updated Profession Map which sets out the knowledge, behaviours and values underpinning today’s people profession in the modern world of work.

The new Profession Map – the first since the 2013 version of the CIPD’s original Profession Map – has been designed to reflect the changes in the world of work and the priorities and role of people professionals. Major trends, from the changing demographics and needs of the workforce to alternative employment models and increasing use of technology, have challenged us to innovate and adapt our people management practices and approaches. The Map will evolve in line with the world of work, updating when the landscape shifts and keeping experts in people, work and change future-fit for years to come.

Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD, explains: 

The world of work is changing fast. New roles, new skills and ways of working are emerging, along with different, more diverse organisational models – and with them, the role and capabilities of the people profession are changing too. We need to work from solid foundations of knowledge, evidence, values and behaviours and create the practices that drive the right outcomes, led by clear principles. Our new Profession Map is a big step in that direction, setting the international standard for people professionals to make their greatest impact and thrive in a changing world of work.

Developed for people professionals, with people professionals

Developed in consultation with CIPD members, business leaders, industry experts and partner organisations from around the world, the new Profession Map is for all people professionals. From those just starting out in their careers to the most senior people directors, and from broad people generalists to those who have chosen to specialise in the many different areas of the profession.

The Map focuses on values-based decision-making rather than generic practice or processes, to prepare all people professionals for steering judgement even where no obvious solutions, rules or precedents exist. It will help people professionals to build capability in themselves, their teams and organisations; develop expertise in emerging areas of practice; drive sustainable organisational change; and reinforce the value of the profession as experts on people, work and change. In time, the new Profession Map will underpin all CIPD qualifications, membership standards and CPD tools. This is a gradual process that will progress over the next couple of years. In the meantime, the 2013 Profession Map will still be referenced, and some of the newer areas of capabilities are being supported by ongoing learning programmes.

Gary Cookson, Director, EPIC, and one of the many members of the CIPD involved in the development of the map, comments:

What most excites me is that we, as a profession, are actively considering the future of work and how to make that world a better place in a way that I haven’t seen many other professional bodies doing. The new Profession Map is a great framework upon which to base my work and interventions.

People professionals are at the heart of business thinking, Peter concludes:

It is an exciting time to be in the people profession – our role and importance at the heart of business thinking is growing. We want to help build confidence and trust in business and the profession, supporting the purpose, vision and strategic goals of every organisation as well as the people that work within them, and ultimately to enable our wider purpose of championing better work and working lives. The new Profession Map will provide clearer guidance for the future of the people profession, supporting individuals in their development and careers, as well as HR teams and organisations. At its heart, we want to position our future as being more principles led, evidence based, and outcomes driven.

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