On behalf of the CIPD, our members and staff, we offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen.

This is a significant moment in world history and has left many people with a profound sense of loss and sadness. The event brings with it a number of considerations, both in terms of supporting people’s wellbeing and the practicalities of what it means for working practices in the coming days. Individuals and organisations will observe and mark this event in different ways, but these are the key considerations for employers during this time:

Supporting colleagues

This event may bring mixed emotions. For some, there will be not only grief for the Queen, but it may also bring up grief from their personal lives. Our guidance on bereavement can be of help and people professionals may wish to direct colleagues to any employee assistance programmes in place.

If CIPD members need someone to talk to they can use our wellbeing helpline. Our CIPD member Community is also a place where you can connect with peers.

National Mourning and the bank holiday 

We are now in a period of National Mourning in the UK that lasts until the end of the day of the State Funeral on Monday 19 September 2022. This day has been declared a national bank holiday.

Employers should confirm with employees that Monday 19 September is a bank holiday and whether they are required to work. There is more information about working requirements, pay and entitlements on our annual leave and holiday pay Q&As. Our member discussion can be accessed on our Community site, and if CIPD members need additional support, they can contact our employment law helpline, which provides legal advice as part of CIPD membership.

Employers should clearly communicate if and how they can provide flexibility for people who may wish to pay their respects over this period, as it is recognised that even in exceptional circumstances organisations may have challenges in changing their operations at short notice.

CIPD Activity

The CIPD will be closing its UK office on Monday 19 September, including customer services. As a mark of respect, we have also made some adjustments to our outgoing communications until after the official period of national mourning has passed.

CIPD Events

We will be running all CIPD events as planned, except on Monday 19 September. These events will all include a one-minute silence in memory of Her Majesty The Queen. For events on Monday 19 September, attendees will be contacted about the postponement and next steps.

Courses, qualifications and assessments

CIPD learning courses, exams or assessments booked will continue to take place, except on the day of the funeral, Monday, 19 September. You will be contacted if you have a scheduled session on this day.

Looking ahead

We expect our normal services to start to resume after the period of national mourning comes to an end.

We will also be looking at other ways in which we can reflect on the influence of the Queen in our work, and particularly through our Royal Charter, which Her Majesty granted in 2000 and which we hold in the deepest regard.

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If you’re a journalist or member of the press looking for more information or to speak to one of our experts, please contact our press team. 

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