Ms Low Peck Kem - 1st Singaporean Chartered Companion Globally

Low Peck Kem, Chief HR Officer for the Singapore Public Service, receives the highest level of recognition in the world of HR and people development from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, and is the first recipient in Singapore and only the second in Asia-Pacific.

Peck Kem is one of just 13 individuals awarded Chartered Companion status out of a membership of more than 150,000 people professionals. Chartered Companion is the CIPD’s highest level of membership, awarded to exceptional leaders who have a proven track record within organisations and have demonstrated exceptional impact on the profession over their careers. 

Peck Kem has demonstrated exceptional HR leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) for the Singapore Public Service, which has a workforce of more than 140,000 and a HR team of more than 3,000, Peck Kem and her team have acted as the HR advisory to organisations in Singapore during this difficult period.

She has also helped to build capabilities of employees through the partnership of CIPD as well as helping to introduce milestone programmes via the Civil Service College (HR Foundation Programme, HR Managers Programme, and the apex HR Leadership Programme).

Peck Kem is also President of the Singapore Human Resources Institute where she rallied HR leaders from across Singapore to form a task force with goals to raise the brand, advocacy, and capability of HR professionals in the state.

Peck Kem receives this prestigious membership alongside 12 others including: Professor David Clutterbuck, a world-renowned expert in coaching, leadership and mentoring, and David Cagney, the first ever Chief HR Officer for the Irish Civil Service.

Nominees are judged on their exceptional leadership qualities and their influence on the profession over their careers and are selected as Chartered Companions directly by the CIPD board. Nominations can be made by any CIPD member who is a Chartered Member, Chartered Fellow, Chartered Companion, Academic Member or Academic Fellow. Nominees must be a CIPD Chartered Fellow or Academic Fellow member.

Louise Fisher, Chair of the CIPD Board, said: “We are delighted to be able to recognise the efforts of Peck Kem and award her the highest level of CIPD membership, Chartered Companion. Peck Kem was nominated by her peers and subsequently selected for this recognition because of her personal contribution, support, and promotion of the people profession and the CIPD.”

”Peck Kem is an exceptional HR leader and role model for the profession and though she is the first to receive this level of membership in Singapore, we certainly hope she will not be the last. We look forward to receiving further nominations for the many talented HR and other People Professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Kenneth Low, Regional Director at CIPD Asia, said: "We are pleased to celebrate Peck Kem as the first person in Singapore to become a Chartered Companion. CIPD Asia is committed to championing better work and working lives in Asia-Pacific, and Peck Kem's contributions to the HR profession exemplify this commitment. She is most deserving of this accolade."

Peck Kem Low, Chief HR Officer for the Singapore Public Service, said: “This is a great honour, and I am deeply appreciative of CIPD for giving the award to me. This is the pinnacle of achievement for people professionals; it’s so meaningful for people in the HR profession who are committed to improving working lives.

“The Chartered Companion recognises the contributions that HR brings to the table in any organisation; it recognises that HR is no longer the backroom function and we are really at the forefront. To be given this award is really humbling.”

In part two of our conversation with Ms Low, we asked our very first Singaporean Chartered Companion what are her aspirations for the future of HR, what do we need to make that future a reality and what truly inspires her daily.

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