On 20 May we will celebrate HR as a profession, the work that we do and our positive contribution on individuals, organisations and on a national and international scale.The central theme for 2019 is HR’s essence in 'connecting people and organisations' selected by the European Association of People Management (EAPM), of which CIPD Ireland is a leading contributor.

International HR Day provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Recognise HR and HR practices at a company, national and international level
  • Publicise the significant contribution that the HR profession is making
  • Inspire HR associations and companies to create their celebrations to suit their national and local needs
  • Showcase how we work across boundaries though the European Association of People Management (EAPM) to celebrate and develop HR professional practice

20 May 2019 represents the launch for International HR Day, and we encourage as many associations, organisations and individuals to find time around then to acknowledge and celebrate their HR contribution together. 

So what will you be doing to celebrate HR?

Here are some suggested actions:

  • Showcase a good HR initiative that has had impact on work and working lives
  • Organise event that will bring employees together to network and share knowledge
  • Acknowledge people that have made good contributions
  • Offer support to people that may be having challenges or experiencing difficulty
  • Launch a new initiative to address a workplace/social concern like mental health

Celebration ToolKit

Find inspiration and material in our exclusive Celebration ToolKit. 

For you we have put together all sorts of material in our Celebration ToolKit, which you are welcome to use for your own celebration or campaign for International Human Resources Day. You will find graphics, merchandise, selfie cards and much more to celebrate in your company.

10 reasons to celebrate HR

  • We are driving business success by attracting and developing the right talents and helping people to grow
  • We are influencing the direction and leadership of an organisation
  • We are building and shaping the culture and values of organisations
  • We are activating the most important gene in the DNA of organisations – the people
  • We are understanding the business and how people add value
  • We are strengthening the human capital, the main asset of organisations today
  • We are balancing the interests of organisations and people
  • We are having a two-way-focus considering both the people and the organisation
  • We are supporting new roles and new ways of working with people at the centre
  • We are translating innovative ideas into good working practices

Tell us at info@cipd.ie about your plans and send us your selfies and photos so we can showcase it at our Annual Conference on 21 May 2019. There we will be joined by Lucas van Wees, President (EAPM), the umbrella body for 32 national HR associations, who are behind this wonderful celebration.

And of course use #HumanResourcesDay

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