At the CIPD we are immensely proud of our community of volunteers, from those involved in running branches across the country, providing support and guidance on our community pages, to mentoring young jobseekers.

Volunteers’ Week 2020 is an annual campaign that recognises the contribution volunteers across the UK make to society. In the throes of a global pandemic this clearly isn't a time for celebration, yet it is important to acknowledge the incredible selfless work undertaken by volunteers across the length and breadth of the country.

It’s evident from reading the papers, watching the news or even from observing our daily exercise routines, that one of the many positive things this pandemic has shown is the resolve and ingenuity of people in the UK. Altruism is very much at the forefront of how the UK has responded to the crisis and it’s clear that volunteering has had a positive impact during a very difficult time. People across the country are stepping up to the challenge and putting others before themselves in order to get the world back on its feet again.

We want to say a massive thank you

To the incredible people professionals who are and have been giving back to their communities, we want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work. The CIPD really values your contribution and is proud that you are part of the CIPD family. Our volunteers are superstars and it’s people like Deborah Lightwood, who show the massive difference volunteering continues to make to our society.

Deborah is a CIPD volunteer who has been a part of our parent returner programme for the last year. She has recently been supporting Kirsty, who is a parent returner thinking about returning to work after a seven-year gap caring for children. Deborah commented on how ‘in these challenging times, where the recruitment space is increasingly crowded, those who have taken a break for parenting are at risk of being lost in the melee. As mentors, we can do so much to improve their experience and increase their chance of finding the right job. ‘Kirsty has found the experience really useful and said ‘it felt like I was at a crossroad when it came to my career and what I wanted to do. Speaking to Deborah allowed me to get my head into a different space and she helped me explore my strengths and skillset, whilst also taking into account what I had gained in my time out so I can present it in a more positive light. Having someone to chat through ideas and thoughts helped me get some focus by narrowing it all down to specific actions on how to move forward.’

New volunteer programmes to support you

We’ve seen record numbers enquiring to get involved and support others through CIPD volunteering programmes. Many of these enquires are from people who may never have expressed an interest in volunteering before, while many of our existing volunteers are keen to do even more. In our May 2020 volunteering survey, 75% of respondents said they would like to volunteer to help organisations and individuals impacted by the work-related challenges caused by COVID-19. As a response to this, the CIPD’s social action team has developed two new programmes supporting both charities and SMEs with HR mentors and pro bono support respectively. Get in touch to find out more.

We are keen to recognise all the contributions made by our family of volunteers so encourage you to share your story or recognise a colleague or friend who is volunteering by using the hashtag #CIPDvolunteers on social media. Let’s share our appreciation for all those volunteers who continue to champion better work and working lives.

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