Throughout 2021, the CIPD will launch a series of campaigns on the critical agendas shaping the world of work. These areas are central to the CIPDs purpose of championing better work and working lives, which during the pandemic has become more critical than ever.

The first of these campaigns, launching early next month, aims to make flexible working a more accessible opportunity for everyone, regardless of the sector or type of work they do. To help make that happen, we want to hear from you.

COVID-19 has changed how, where and when we work in a multitude of ways. Arguably the most pronounced change has been the greater availability and use of flexible working practices, which has been most clearly seen through the mass move to remote and home-based working from March 2020.

Yet remote working is just one of several flexible working arrangements that many organisations and employees have been using more than ever during the pandemic. Compressed hours, job-sharing, flexi-time and part or term-time working make up a range of ways in which an employee can bring greater flexibility into their working lives.

The benefits of flexible working arrangements for both employee and employer are clear. From improved work-life balance and employee wellbeing, to greater rates of productivity and performance, CIPD research has revealed and highlighted these benefits.

We want to hear from you: how has flexible working benefitted you?

To help illustrate and showcase the benefits and opportunities brought by flexible working, the CIPD are looking for stories from across the world of work on how these working arrangements have benefitted working lives.

Has flexible working:

  • Enabled you to better balance your family life?
  • Allowed you to take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to?
  • Improved your physical or mental wellbeing?
  • Meant you were able to attend important moments for loved ones?

Regardless of the sector, geography or type of work you do, if flexible working arrangements have or could make a real positive difference to you, the CIPD is keen to hear about it.

Stories from those who don’t have access to work flexibly currently, but would like to outline the opportunities that these arrangements would create for them, are also welcomed.

If selected, your story will help bring the CIPD’s new campaign to life, and subsequently help deliver real and positive change to working lives. You’ll form an integral part of the campaign, showing real-world and lived examples of the difference these working arrangements can make for people’s lives. There may be the opportunity for your story to be highlighted across a variety of CIPD channels, including press and social media.

How to get in touch

If you have a story to share, get in touch by emailing the CIPD Communications team at:

Media Centre

If you’re a journalist or member of the press looking for more information or to speak to one of our experts, please contact our press team. 

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