We are delighted to introduce the new CIPD Student Ambassador Programme - your gateway to significantly impacting the future of HR and L&D education with CIPD and your study centre. This initiative is designed to forge strong bonds between students, study centres, and the CIPD, empowering you to be a catalyst for change. 

Your Role as a Student Ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, you'll be at the forefront of change, engaging with peers through face-to-face meetups and dynamic WhatsApp groups.

You'll ensure that student voices are heard by both CIPD and your study centre, informing CIPD of any issues and highlighting successes. Beyond the classroom, you will champion CIPD within your network, pivotal in enhancing student membership experiences.

Get ready to drive engagement and unlock endless personal and professional growth opportunities.

Benefits of being a Student Ambassador

  • Elevate your profile: As a designated 'CIPD Student Ambassador,' you'll elevate your online presence with a coveted title for your social media, LinkedIn profiles, and CV. 
  • Exclusive recognition: You'll receive an exclusive certificate to showcase your affiliation with pride. Picture yourself holding a certificate bearing this esteemed title, a testament to your dedication and influence within the People Profession industry. 
  • Priority invitations: Receive priority invitations to CIPD events, which will open doors to unparalleled networking opportunities with CIPD’s Advisory Board, fellow Student Ambassadors, and the broader HR community. 
  • Engaging social events: Immerse yourself in engaging social events, exclusively available to Student Ambassadors. These events take centre stage, promoting innovation and collaboration. 

Elevate your student experience, amplify your impact, and join the elite league of CIPD Student Ambassadors today.

A group of students stood in a row

Your tenure as a Student Ambassador

The programme spans one enriching year, even if you finish your qualification before the end of your tenure. This offers a unique opportunity for impact and growth beyond completing your CIPD qualification. 

Ready to leap?

Nominate yourself and let your voice be heard as the student community votes for their preferred choice through an online poll. The dedicated team at CIPD MENA will support you, provide a comprehensive onboarding session, and provide continuous guidance. 

Do you have questions or are eager to express your interest? Reach out to us to learn more about how you can be part of this incredible initiative — email us at studentambassador@cipd.ae and become a CIPD Student Ambassador today!