"We look forward to working closely with the UK’s new government to build a stronger, more skilled and more resilient workforce."

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD

The CIPD is urging the UK’s new government to adopt a consultative and collaborative approach to reforming skills end employment policy.  
The Labour party has pledged to put partnership working with employers and trade unions at the heart of its plans to transform the economy. The next 100 days will be a crucial test of that pledge as it starts to implement a new skills agenda and the ‘New Deal for Working People’. 

The ‘New Deal’ is a complex area, making it crucial the government engages with employers and the HR profession, who will be at the forefront of any changes to workplace regulations and practices. 

Proposals to introduce day one employment rights, and other employment law changes, need to be worked through in genuine partnership with employers and trade unions, through consultation and potential compromise. A workplace commission could bring together government, employer representatives and trade unions in one forum to help build consensus. 

Partnership with employers will also be crucial to the success of Labour’s new Growth and Skills Levy. This is something that the CIPD has consistently campaigned for and we are pleased to see this reset finally happen. We look forward to working with the new government to ensure that a reformed, more flexible levy can boost apprenticeship provision for young people and make it easier for employers to upskill their existing workforce. 

"Effective skills and employment policy can help create a thriving economy that benefits individuals and businesses. We’re ready to share our profession’s expertise to support the new government in shaping policies to create better work and better working lives."

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD

A new UK Government and a ‘New Deal for
Working People’

In episode 3 of HR People Pod, senior HR leaders and a former Labour MP explore the implications and impact of potential day-one employment rights, apprenticeship levy reform.

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