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HR People Pod – Ep 3: A new UK Government and a ‘New Deal for Working People’

Duration: 00:36:00

What can employers expect from the new Labour government’s proposed ‘New Deal for Working People’? CIPD Director of Profession David D’Souza hosts former Labour MP Iain Wright, Firstsource Senior VP HR Europe and Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity Jo Carlin, and Mencap Executive Director of People David Blackburn, to explore the implications and impact of potential day-one employment rights, apprenticeship levy reform, and how quickly the plans may come into effect.

Recorded: 05 July 2024

HR People Pod – Ep 2: Relationships at work | Mouse jiggling | Therapy dogs | Summer of sport

Duration: 00:32:46

Do romantic relationships at work need to be disclosed? Can you trust a ‘mouse jiggler’? How do you manage time off or flexibility around major sporting events? Join the conversation with David D’Souza, CIPD Director of Profession, Gemma Dale, senior lecturer at Liverpool Business School, and David Balls, Chief People Officer at Newcross Healthcare Solutions, as we unpack the topical stories over the past fortnight and look at how HR can consider their impact for their own organisations. 

Recorded: 21 June 2024

HR People Pod – Ep 1: Leadership | Privacy | Second Jobs | Disconnecting

Duration: 00:27:47

Decisive or divisive, Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s leadership message was definitely bold. Join the chat with David D’Souza, the CIPD’s Director of Profession, Katie Obi, Chief People Officer at One Advanced, and Mel Steel, former HR director and interim people & transformation leader, as we unpack the biggest stories of the past fortnight including: is Microsoft Recall a privacy nightmare? Should we be wary of a growing trend of side hustles or second jobs? And do we need ‘right to disconnect’ legislation? Leadership like the Manchester United back-to-work offer.

Recorded: 7 June 2024

HR People Pod – Pilot Episode 2

Duration: 27:29

In our second pilot episode, host David D'Souza, the CIPD's Director of Profession, recruits Mel Steel, former HR director and interim people & transformation leader, and Alistair Gill, Chief Alchemist at Alchemy Labs, to the panel as we respond to some of the key stories from the past fortnight, including the decision from John Lewis to share interview questions in advance with potential candidates and the use of AI in the recruitment process.

Recorded: 24 May 2024

HR People Pod – Pilot Episode 1

Duration: 31:10

In our first pilot episode, host David D'Souza, the CIPD's Director of Profession, welcomes Woosh Raza, Executive Director of People Culture and Inclusion at NCVO, Katie Obi, Chief People Officer at One Advanced and Bertie Tonks, Chief People Officer at Collinson to the panel as we discuss whether Gen Z are ‘lazy’, the unintended consequences of a rising minimum wage, whether more organisations are letting people work from home full-time and take a deeper dive into the growing demands on the profession.

Recorded: 10 May 2024

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