People professionals

If you work in HR, L&D, OD&D or other specialisms.

Our practical, evidence-based resources, learning and guides inform the decisions and actions you take every day on a wide range of people issues. 
Agile teams and inclusion. Remote working and culture. Retention and sustainability. 

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For students

If you're studying or applying for a professional qualification.

Explore our extensive range of free resources and guidance to support your studies. These resources capture good practice on complex issues. Agile teams and inclusion. Remote working and culture. Change and sustainability. 

Search for guides, factsheets and the latest research and insights on a specific topic. Gain free full-text access to over 200 leading HR, L&D, business and management journals. 


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managers' hub

If you manage a team.

Discover our range of resources to enable you to become a better people manager. You’ll find resources covering all the complex issues you’re dealing with. Agile teams, inclusion and diversity. Remote working and the cost-of-living crisis.

All the practical guidance, insights and research evidence you need to inform your decisions and actions.

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For organisations

If you need to professionalise people teams.

Find out about our tailored approach to help your people professionals and managers get the right learning, support and recognition.

Discover the ways we help organisations bring their people and practices to our professional standard. We award Professional Development partner status to these organisations. 

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