There are many ways to be a people professional. Explore the right role for you by meeting our members. Learn about their key responsibilities and skills. Get a glimpse of their daily activities and challenges. And discover what got them started – and keeps them going – in their careers. 

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Meet our HR generalists

HR generalists draw on their broad expertise. They get to know their organisations inside out. And they build relationships that help them fix problems and deliver the best results.

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Discover what an HR generalist does

Meet an L&D specialist

Learning and development specialists (L&D) create opportunities for people to grow. From assessing capabilities to designing programmes, they bring out the best in their leaders and their people.

A day in the life of Neil Barnett, Learning and Development Adviser at Samaritans

Meet an OD&D specialist

Organisational development and design (OD&D) specialists create structures, systems and cultures that help their organisations evolve and their people perform at their best

A day in the life of Garin Rouch, Director Leadership and Organisation Development at Outstand Consultancy

Meet our EDI specialists

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) specialists go beyond legislation and compliance requirements. They create working environments where people can be themselves, valued for their unique contributions and experiences.

A day in the life of Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at NHS Employers A day in the life of Michelle Mendelsson, Head of Diversity and Inclusion EMEA at Credit Suisse International

Meet an employee relations specialist

Employee relations specialists play a critical role in developing and maintaining trust between an organisation and its employees. They often work closely with trade unions and employee representatives to ensure that people practices are fair and transparent.

A day in the life of Sarah Telford, HR Case Manager within the Ministry of Justice Civil Service HR Casework team
Adam Fox-Everitt

Meet our people analytics specialists

People analytics specialists are problem solvers. They use data to really understand people issues. And they find the solid evidence that equips their colleagues to influence strategic decisions.

A day in the life of Adam Fox-Everitt, Reward Analyst specialising in people analytics A day in the life of Simon Davis, Head of Partner Delivery at Phase 3
Adam Fox-Everitt

Meet our resourcing and talent specialists

Resourcing specialists know the success of their organisations is down to their people. They anticipate who their businesses need – not just today but in the months ahead.

A day in the life of Pauline Power, Resourcing and Onboarding Advisor at Grant Thornton CI A day in the life of Keeley Cooper, Head of Resourcing within the NHS

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