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CIPD is the partner of choice for the people profession, working with more than 320 organisations globally.

We’re here to help leaders like you inspire the best in your teams, and spark change at the highest levels.

We meet our partners where they’re at – and tailor our approach to suit their strategic aims. That’s why no two partnerships are alike – it’s a symbiotic relationship that evolves and grows aligned to our partner’s organisational objectives and purpose.

We help our partners to:

  • Outline what great HR, L&D, OD and people management looks like
  • Benchmark skills and capability to gauge their team’s strengths and areas for development
  • Unlock the full potential of their people through a range of Learning and Development solutions
  • Create a culture of world-class HR, L&D and OD through individual and organisational qualifications and accreditations
  • Inspire excellence and nurture professionalism


Read our case studies

Case study

Case study: MoJ embarks on landmark HR Leaders Development Project

Ministry of Justice builds leadership capability, cohesion and mutual trust across its HR leadership team

Case study

Case study: Biffa

How Biffa partnered with the CIPD to achieve full endorsement of its new management development programme

Case study

Case study: Financial Services Compensation Scheme

How the Financial Services Compensation Scheme used the CIPD’s People Impact Tool to review its HR capability and impact.

Photograph of David Blackburn, Chief People Officer, FSCS

Case study

Case study: West Midlands Employers

How West Midlands Employers partnered with the CIPD to provide HR practitioners with the strategic focus and skills in negotiation and influencing behaviour required to operate at a senior level.

Case study

Case study: Leeds City Council

Supported by the Local Government Association, Leeds joined other councils in using the CIPD’s People Impact Tool to share key HR benchmark data

Photograph of Emma Browes Business Change Lead, Leeds City Council

Case study

Case study: BBC

Diagnosing development needs for a world-leading broadcaster

Case study

Case study: Ministry of Defence

How the CIPD is partnering with the UK Ministry of Defence to target workforce planning capability

Photograph of Victoria Smith, HR Director and Head of the HR Profession in Defence, UK Ministry of Defence

The Civil Service – a partnership with CIPD

Find out how the Civil Service have partnered with the CIPD to:

  • create a tailored approach to career pathways and a career framework
  • use of products and tools within CIPD to the Civil Service’s broader HR community 
  • supporting HR professionalism for civil servants

“I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the capability space – was to work actively and in partnership with the CIPD”

“It all works beautifully within our own career framework within the Civil Service – we were able to really leverage that.”

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