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Thank you for visiting the Merseyside branch page. We aim to work with people professionals and those aspiring to join the profession to support personal development and provide a safe and welcoming environment.

We encourage CIPD members to get the most benefit you can from your local branch, whether through the rewarding process of supporting and mentoring others or perhaps updating your knowledge and using our events to ask questions and gain from the experience of your fellow professionals. As a group of volunteers, the branch committee actively encourages ideas and participation from all members and ensures all valued contributions are recognised.

As well as a calendar of online and in-person events, we have newsletters, policy forum meetings, a diversity festival and a webinar series featuring current thinking in people management. We are a supportive group offering companionship and the chance to grow your contacts and enhance your own personal development. We warmly welcome anyone interested in learning and supporting the people profession. 

I really hope you will find something for you in our branch offerings and look forward to welcoming you.

Dr Maureen Royce, Chartered CCIPD

Branch Chair

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Our members rate their access to a local branch in their top three membership benefits. Come along to our branch events to discover other CIPD benefits. Explore the issues and trends impacting our profession. Network, learn and share ideas with people professionals in our area. 

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Get involved

The primary purpose of our branch is to act as a channel for members to engage at a local level. Policy development at national level is influenced by our local discussions and we are active in encouraging a focus on the CIPD’s strategic priorities and in support of its purpose. We champion better work and working lives by:

  • Building a supportive and professional network around you.
  • Expanding the high-impact development opportunities available to you with like-minded professionals.
  • Creating opportunities to boost your career whilst also boosting your wellbeing.
  • Providing a safe social hub to discuss the key challenges facing the profession.

Our branch achieves this by encouraging local networks for practitioners, building capability, gaining new members, running events, providing visibility and input into public policy agendas, and working collaboratively with other branches. We have several special interests groups plus HR skills and behaviour workshops are managed by members of the branch committee and a host of external contributors.

Whatever stage you're at in your career, the branch can support you in your own professional development or maybe you can support others. Whether you can give a little time or hardly any time at all, all contributions are welcomed. Along with face-to-face events, we will continue to move into the digital space, so any support in this area is particularly welcomed. But whatever your area of interest or specialism there is always room for you.

We value and respect our volunteer community and would urge you to speak informally to our branch chair about joining the committee or contributing in other ways to our branch activities. If you're interested in finding out more, please email us, connect via social media or come along to one of our events and speak with one of our committee members. Read more about branch volunteering below.  

Please email the branch with any questions, suggestions or feedback you may have.

Networking and learning

With workshops, round tables, panel discussions and expert speakers, our thought-provoking events cover everything our community needs. Network, learn and stay up to date. 


Keen to get involved, give back or raise your profile? Whatever your skills and interests, learn more about branch volunteering. 

Support for student members

Just starting out on your career? Want to meet experienced people professionals and keep up to date with all the topics you cover in your studies? We’re here for you as you study for your CIPD qualification.  

Merseyside and North Cheshire Student network

Run by students for students with the benefit of HR professional support at our student events.

We have a lively and active student membership in colleges and universities across the branch region and in 2021 we set up a student network, inviting students at all levels from across these institutions. The student engagement lead on this is Maureen Royce from Liverpool Business School and she can be contacted via Twitter, at branch events or by emailing the branch.

Want to get involved? Got an idea for an event? We want to hear from you!

Email us

Join one of our special interest groups

We bring together people professionals with a common interest to network, share ideas and learn from one another. Please email us if you’d like to join one of our special interest groups.

Learning and development 

Events for L&D professionals or those interested in the development of people. Practical hints, tips, and networking opportunities.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) 

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an important aspect of good people management - it's about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. Our events will include discussions around various aspects of EDI leading on from the CIPD’s inclusion and diversity agenda.Wellbeing 

We've started a new special interest group in wellbeing. Look out for more events coming up in the branch programme. 


Debate and discussion around wellbeing and mental health. An opportunity for attendees at our events to contribute and share experience, discuss working practices and hear about current trends and research from the CIPD.

Membership engagement

Exploring and explaining the many benefits of CIPD membership and supporting members in their careers and progressing membership grades. If you feel ready to upgrade your membership to Associate, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow, we're here to support and help. We will carry out upgrade sessions throughout the year and if you have any questions relating to your personal circumstances, please just get in touch.


We'll keep you updated and provide you with opportunities to take part in debate with regards to future policy and CIPD research.

Employment law

Topical employment law subjects relating to trends and changes in the workplace; guidance for HR professionals enabling you to support your business and the people within.

Get in touch to find out more. And let us know your ideas for other special interest groups. 

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