Managing change can be a challenging process for an organisation to undertake. Explore our resources for our best practise approaches to change management. Use our fact sheets and reports to learn more about change strategies and communicating change.



Regularly-updated factsheets provide overviews and information on a topic

One Factsheet about Change management
Change management
Learn how to manage, enable and support change management initiatives effectively
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Designed for practitioners, our guides provide recommendations and advice on how to apply good practice in the workplace.

One Guide about Change management
Change management for people professionals
Practical guidance to help people professionals manage and embed change effectively in their organisations
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Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

Four Reports about Change management
Putting people professionals on the road to net zero
Insight from senior leaders on how they have led responsibly and maintained trust and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic
Effective cross-functional collaboration in a changing world of work
Our report explores how people professionals are partnering across business functions to future-proof their organisations
Transformational change: theory and practice
A look at how transformational change themes apply in practice, with case studies providing practical examples
Megatrends: Are we working harder than ever?
This report reveals that we are experiencing greater workloads and pressures to meet deadlines, customer demands and performance targets

Case studies

Learn from real world examples of how other people professionals and organisations work with the CIPD to approach key challenges and objectives.

Five Case studies about Change management
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: NatWest Group
A case study of an HR function shifting from an Ulrich+ model towards an employee experience-driven model
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Tesco
A case study of a people function shifting to a four-pillar model to deliver a more consistent employee experience throughout the organisation
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Homebase
A case study on moving to a lean, strategic HR model that operates more efficiently to support business objectives
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Peabody
A case study on developing strategic partners, aligning teams, increasing data analytics skill, and transitioning the L&D team into an internal academy
Case study
Transforming the HR operating model: Firstsource
A case study on maturing the HR model to align to the changing needs of the business, building capability, and introducing a dedicated team focused on employee engagement

Thought leadership

Insight and foresight from our experts in people and the world of work

10 Thought leadership about Change management
Thought leadership
How are organisations transforming their HR operating models?
We look at the main focus areas and share practical examples from organisations who are optimising their HR operating model
Thought leadership
HR operating models
Our series on current practices, future models and successful transformations
Thought leadership
Do current HR operating models serve future needs?
We look at what’s driving change in HR structures, what emerging models look like and what to consider when evolving your current model
Thought leadership
The future of work: Insights for senior leaders on drivers of change
Our article series explores key trends shaping our future workplaces and working lives
Thought leadership
Operating efficiently: Implementing HR information systems in large organisations
Practical insights from large organisations on how HR information systems can be used to improve organisational efficiency and access to people data
Thought leadership
Operating efficiently: Implementing HR information systems in SMEs
Practical insights from small and medium-sized enterprises on how HR information systems can be used to improve organisational efficiency and access to people data
Thought leadership
Guiding people through change to thrive in the digital age
Dominic Keogh-Peters, Axiom Telecom’s Group People Director, talks to the CIPD about the key role of the people function in his organisation’s digital transformation
Thought leadership
How can change and transformation be more ethical?
How can we be more ethical in the way we manage organisation development and change, to ensure it’s done with, not to, our workforce, asks Sally Hopper, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Hertfordshire County Council
Thought leadership
Looking upwards and outwards: Why people professionals have a responsibility to understand the external world
Being purely internally focused means missing incoming risks and potential future opportunities for your organisation
Thought leadership
Changing HR operating models
A collection of thought pieces from lead thinkers, academics, practitioners and consultants on the future of the HR function


Listen to episodes from our podcast series on a range of topical workplace, HR and L&D issues.

One Podcast about Change management
Embracing and leading organisational change
Episode 173: How can people professionals best implement and manage change to help their organisations keep up in an ever-changing world?


Webinar recordings providing expert guidance

One Webinar about Change management
Navigating an economic downturn – and looking after your people
Experts discuss avoiding and managing redundancies, legal requirements and managing your own wellbeing.

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

Seven Bitesize research about Change management
Bitesize research
How does the way people ‘unlearn’ impact organisational change?
Insight into the cognitive and managerial processes of replacing old knowledge with new
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Bitesize research
What works in change management?
Evidence-based decisions are key to building trust and making organisational change programmes successful
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Bitesize research
How could COVID-19 impact how we manage change?
Organisational change in a (post) pandemic world
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Bitesize research
New technology and employee resistance
Emphasising the importance of organised change management projects, this article explores how healthcare employees successfully stopped the adoption of new technology at a municipal level.
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Bitesize research
Trade unions as joint change agents
Find out how trade unions can help drive organisational change
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Bitesize research
Organisational change – give it space to happen
Understand the effects of resourcing on change
Bitesize research
How HR influences the change cynics
Find out how HR can affect the way workers perceive change
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